Series of essays that will shift your Level of Understanding

New Mind Series

Gearing up for a new shift of the mind into Advanced Intelligence

The art of changing the mind from manual gear shifting (rational thinking) into automatic synchronisation (knowing) is achieved through certain pattern rearrangements resident in the greater understanding.  Through developing greater levels of mind comprehension probabilities can be transformed into certainties.

Human memory skills are usually taught from rote.  The methods being conveyed are copied versions by book learning, observation, demonstration, followed by repetition in practice and ensuing experience.  The methodologies so outlined carry much that is responsible and useful as a base plan for activities, but in essence such training features by other means than self are not entirely seen to be natural or matching in personal style.  So invariably there will be subtle flaws, which when the mind goes under pressure causes some latent interference to occur within the nervous system.

Partly, this is because the mechanics of external training methods are lacking in a free flowing style.  Subsequently, when there are pressures applied what then follows are wavering divergences from accuracy that tend to lose the lines of inner balance.  In too closely copying the styles of others there can also be restraints placed on explosive inner strengths we nominate as energy boosters.

However, such variables of divergence when understood can be adapted into the mental system so interferences do not have a call or sway away from what are meant to be inevitable outcomes.

Points for consideration in becoming a champion in any chosen profession:

There are three levels of understanding that are to be addressed and step by step embraced so as to enter into one composite structure, which we call the wholeness of body, mind, and brain.

To achieve the level of required support from the free flow of energy within the brain the mind has first to encompass and then surpass what has been routinely trained by means of a practiced methodology called knowledge.

This is the early training by rote we classify as a primary platform for future personal advancement.

Clearing the mind of extraneous thought of singular nature creates a forward movement into a secondary level status that is individual in design.

The third stage is an achievement in understanding where all things come together in a harmonic convergence or confluence.  Then the free flow energy is available on tap to be used whenever extra effort for effective results is required.

 Some comments on the complexities of human conduct:

People that form their idiotic ideas of success from self belief systems are little more advanced in theoretics than cretins.  Mix in their polite company by all means, but do not join in with their ways of thinking.  In other words stay clear of the glue of attachment they carry when vocally they indulge in spreading bullshit.

Remember that knowing supersedes the vacuous airing of knowledge.

What most people think they know they keep hidden in their selves.  Whatever it is they don’t know they are over-fond of sharing with others.

Learn to use setbacks as they unfold as an opportunity to dive and recover your pearls.

Toughness and tightness of mental attitude is an external display where capability goes brittle when put under pressure.  Strength of character draws energy from inner resources called hidden wells.  Thus capability is augmented through a sustainability of living energy.

Integration of parts to establish the whole system usually falls short because of certain missing ingredients.  We number them as ten.  There are many variants to each theme.

Tapping into the reservoir of enduring relationship brings about an expanded view of these fields we work to cultivate.

It is time we began to put out Internet feelers to test the waters of people interested in linking and understanding the fast developing Intelligence now being placed on offer.

The words we advisably use are borrowed from a library that came into being long before humans received consciousness.  If the library were not already set in place before the time of the ‘fall’ humans would still be cavorting as no more than sensory animals on planet Earth with no opportunity for mind improvement.  It is from this source of Greater Energy we draw our material for an expanded understanding of the true purpose in human creation.

To become a subscriber to the library of greater understanding requires an ongoing membership fee.  That exchange of dues pays the piper for the clues.

Stayed Tuned


It can be said that all people are living out of memory because the past influencing life through the DNA strands interact with the present and thus have an influence on the future.  It is a sad fact that too many people want to live on in all too familiar memories of ritual and tradition, or what are generally called family values.  Xmas time is one example of a celebratory past for many errant reasons.

One error in memory calculation would be too many yet the human past is filled with incalculable numbers.  Within memories there are huge reserves of pain waiting their turn to push excess pressure into cognition.  They can carry big hits of occasional sadness that if prolonged tend to outweigh the effects of gladness.  The reason is because the DNA strands in memory feeding the brain deliver undeniable references from previous experiences that were not completed and therefore remain unsatisfied.

Wholeness in this life expectation is demanding of completion.  Therefore pain is continuously set like a cryptic crossword into mind reference, which until satisfied carries no visible signs of ending.  Every human heart carries a desire for fulfilment.  Were people allowed to live solely as their own agencies perhaps their experiences in life would be different.

Stayed Tuned

New Day

The Planet Shift –  Date: March 2002

There is a flaw in the mental system of humans that causes the planetary mind to focus on the smaller issues in life.  Thus the populace of a city can be magnetized into the drama of local budget issues while events of world magnitude and even those of cosmic quality are dismissed out of mind because the simplicity of the functions do not appear to command attention.

Even so, for those whom we call stargazers, such as the likes of Al Gore, Bono, Greenpeace activists and other well meaning though erratic soothsayers, those who have a tendency to change horses in midstream, when their attention is directed beyond the mundane their observations are generally wide of the mark.

Meanwhile the self-proclaimed authorities recording science in the media, posturing as watchdogs for the benefit of society, invariably bark for their owners’ benefit, which means that they anticipate being financially nourished for saying what is expected of them.

The following article was written and published in the year 2000.  It was ignored by the mainstream press whose controlling interests also rely on repetitive lies to confuse people for a well-informed public is ever a dangerous force when given the opportunity to enter into understanding a bigger picture.

The breaking up of the ice mass in the Antarctic polar region portends future areas of destruction for the surface of planet Earth.  While the stargazers have fixed their eyes and predictions on the supposed holes (they are portals, not holes) in the ozone layer the internal system of Earth is continually heating up.  Why should this be?

When the forecasters and prophets spoke of the end times being at the closing of the twentieth century their calculations were made in linear time, which is a planetary measurement.  Linear time, being man-made, is useful for clocking the daily life spans in society but is not accurate in measuring matters existing beyond the normal planetary focus.

The heart of the planet beats with a cosmic throb that is tuned to sequential developments.  Planet Earth is programmed to leave this atmospheric area called the third dimension progressively over the next ten years or less.  Cosmically, the lift off has moved into the countdown phase.  The internal heating will release the drag or wobble by melting the excessive ice load in the southern zone that is causing an out of balance effect on the surface.  Human emotional levels, noted for their biased affectations, are also attuned to this phenomenon of imbalance.

As the shift moves into the final phases the vibration formed from the winding up of the increasing spin will become more evident.  The imbalance or drag on the planet will be corrected causing in turn a realignment of the poles.  (This is being achieved on a level beyond the measurement of scientific instruments).  There will be a large range of surface disturbances that will worry and stir the emotional consciences of people throughout the world.

Stayed Tuned

Greater Levels to Understandings

Richness beyond Riches

Available for consideration for those open to raising levels of innate Intelligence is a supramental program of events, indeed a progression of greater understanding that reveals the initial birthing of planet Earth with the inclusion of a divine heritage hard won for a cosmic advancement of purpose in the human species.

Along with its varied degrees of planetary consciousness, ‘WE who are Beyond Memory’ now offer for human record a form of richness beyond riches, a heritage spanning 2.5 million years in linear time.  The information forthcoming is timed to coincide with the eve of Earth’s imminent planetary shift into the Fifth Dimension.

Scientists, religionists, philosophers and like ilk have been involved for thousand of years in guessing games of the meaning of life and who or what were mainly responsible for the circumstances of creativity, which over time has morphed the human mind into the concreted ideas of reality.

That the human mind is an intermediary player in a much bigger game beyond its limited ken would appear to be self-evident, but is the strategic divine plan that humans are involved in subject to the overview of an even Greater Plan?  Such an intimation would suggest that this muddled global mess humans are experiencing today is only partially of human making?  That the greed for control evident in so many sovereign states is in some way a form of contributory payment being extracted to benefit greater cosmic powers.

Stayed Tuned


In levels of developed understandings the wisdom and energy portrayed are beyond the records of human endeavour. In this present time in human form we as a cosmic team will participate in any number of ventures. No matter how far out or insurmountable a problem area may appear to be, if it is an obstacle to personal growth, planetary or personal, it can be converted into a hurdle. This allows a movement within that is competent with practice to leap all barriers.