Information from and beyond the Cosmic Realm

Spirit in Wholeness

The melody of the New Day is upon us. The rearranging of the planet and its people moves into its next stage of cosmic engagement. The dawning of a New Day is a process happening in the present though those ignorant of progression are deprived of greater...

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The Mystery of Life

The Mystery of Life Explained Man marches eternally To the timeless beat of drum Yet Love is beyond The wakened memories Connect a self with self No longer duality The door to home is open

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The Torch of Intelligence

Here is a channelled message shared within our small grouping last night.  It is relevant to what will be revealed Intelligence-wise in the forthcoming months and years.  This ongoing information will be used as a prelude to the shift of humans into the Fifth...

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The Bigger Picture

Professed reality as expressed scientifically is situational. Therefore it can be moved on or replaced as circumstances dictate.  If neither shift is suitable then the mind can wander elsewhere and the perceived situations may then alter to suit the occasion. What is...

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WE, Who are beyond Memory

"Sounds of the Universe"  Through adaptive prescient capabilities ‘WE Who Are Beyond Memory’ (WWABM) are able to use monistic vision to encompass cause and effect of past and future cosmic events as one whole scenario. With regard to the patterned arenas due to...

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In levels of developed understandings the wisdom and energy portrayed are beyond the records of human endeavour. In this present time in human form we as a cosmic team will participate in any number of ventures. No matter how far out or insurmountable a problem area may appear to be, if it is an obstacle to personal growth, planetary or personal, it can be converted into a hurdle. This allows a movement within that is competent with practice to leap all barriers.