The Book of Life, which is eternal, has no beginning

Never Before Been Disclosed To Human Eyes

eBook – “The Gift of the Rose”

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The energy of Love beyond cosmic is the foundation from which the book has been written. It is a declaration that the veil separating humans from their cosmic heritage has been lifted.

The contents of the book carry material that has never before been disclosed to human eyes. It is a voice for the vision of the Divine Mother which develops wisdom and beauty. Her role is to marry the cosmic and planetary levels. We call it the connection.

The book of four hundred pages contains selections from discussions that have occurred between the messengers on planet Earth and the One, cosmic Angels, the Ancients and the Divine Family, which includes the Mother, Father, Jesus and the Unnamed One who carries the cosmic title of Lucifer. Some of the characters featured include Satan, Yahweh/Jehovah, the Devil, Archangels, Quetzelcoatl, Blue People, Ascended Masters, Melchizadeks, Hermes and many more. These personalities come alive as they offer their viewpoints on the roles they have played and in some cases still play.

There are exposés showing the lies that have bound the human mental programs in states of servitude because of the religious systems developed from the god sense, which we will show is nonsense. The destruction of the World Trade Centre is a feature in the book and discloses the people responsible who support the use of terrorists and their attacks for their own advantage. The material is controversial because it shines the light on secret issues and beliefs.

The book is to be savoured for the cosmic energy it carries and it will enhance and develop the lives of readers. There is the promise in “The Gift of the Rose”. (Click here or the Front Cover to preview)

Foreward – “The Gift of the Rose”

This book has been written with the consent of Angel and Ancient energies working in the cosmic field. The Gift of the Rose is a book that carries the promise of Love. It is written with an energy designed to release the fears that bind the mental frameworks. Those who wrote the religious books including the Holy Bible and the Koran have never been able to offer a connection to unite the people of planet Earth with their cosmic heritage. Now the Gift of the Rose brings a breath of understanding to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. It will shift the levels of consciousness that will awaken the dreamers. Those who think they have their act together are the dreamers. Fear is their daily companion and sits on their shoulder urging them to run. So they chase a dream. After all the donkeys need the carrots to move. Like the donkey the achiever is a chaser. A chaser of shadows. Can anyone compel a shadow to be still?

We can show you how to eliminate the shadows in the mental processes. When the mind is clear the body will follow. Why do people become slaves to fashion? It is pain that sets the pace and they waste their lives and their money in following the dictates of some crippled mind, which deems that change is exciting.

Do people want to remain as mindless chooks running after straws of wheat called truth, which appear tantalising, yet are unreachable? If they do they will disregard these messages. It is not their turn to find the understandings that can set them on their feet to discovery.

The book has the endorsement of the Shining Ones who are beyond the cosmic zone. Beyond them are links and lineages that trace like fine gossamer filaments all the way back to the One.

It is a story that carries tremendous importance for the people of planet Earth. It does not detail the progress of humankind. In the aeons of Earth’s history that would indeed be an immense task covering a span of time of more than two and a half million years. This is a story that pertains to a particular bloodline that had a birthing in the cosmos.

The cosmic energies call it the Divine Family. The story, which is a portion of much greater stories, tells of the loss of innocence and is connected to the development of the human. The tale is drawn from life’s experiences and like a scorpion the sting is in the tail.

Chapters – “The Gift of the Rose”


Chapter I. There was No Beginning

Chapter II. Luxor and Marian (The explanation of the Fall)

Chapter III. The Cosmic Family

Chapter IV. The One (The Eternal Flow)

Chapter V. The Blue Star Energies

Chapter VI. Profiles on the Divine Family

Chapter VII. The Energy Of Love

Chapter VIII. The Torch of Lucifer

Chapter IX. A Training of Luxor (Angel participation)

Chapter X. Cosmic Connections

Chapter XI. Contacts with Solar Energies

Chapter XII. Humanity

Chapter XIII. The Four Winds Blow

Chapter XIV. The Charmielle Launch (Advent of Jesus)

Chapter XV. The Hollow Arena

Chapter XVI. Conspiracies

Chapter XVII. Finding the Balance (Human Effort)