The Awakening of the Lost Children

The Divine Mother represents the Eternal Rose

The Divine Mother is awakening the Lost Children

She is in your dreams.......

How shall we describe you when the very description will diminish you?

We could feel the mother smile. Though you are correct in what you say it is necessary to find ways. For the people of the planet are entitled to know that the new day is near. It is a time for the wakening out of the sleep. Though there is pain in the birthing, what joy will be experienced in the new world? Lay down your tools. What has been done no longer needs recovery. That which is within each of you will flower and bear fruit. When you know who you are then you will be ready to meet your family.

Who is the Divine Mother and why is it necessary to speak of her? For humans she represents Love. She is the producer of the planetary shift that Earth and its inhabitants will experience in the next ten years. What of the days ahead and what is the new world? These questions carry no answers. Answers are set in cement. Cosmic development is a constant flow of flux and flex. We can give some explanations. The planet at this time is in a state of flux. There is a releasing, a flowing out of old energy. Just as there is a fire in the belly of the earth, there is a respondent flame in the bellies of humans. The passion of the flame is repressed, almost dormant, yet the kindling has begun. This flame is the energy of the cosmos. Humans will come to realize in the near future their cosmic connections. At this stage most will deny their cosmic Mother. When they do they deny themselves.

Now is the time for remembering who you are. Your cosmic family waits to greet you. Piece by piece the memories will reopen. Piece by piece the puzzles will unfold. There is a magnificent story being told of human heritage. There are still some parts to be completed before the summary can take place. How long can people deny their heritage? The passion, the love flows through the veins. The pulse is not a planetary pulse. It is set to the beat of the cosmos. The heart throbs to the tune of timelessness.

Could humans still their minds the wonder of their being would become apparent.

What can you do to help the move from planetary to cosmic plane? There is nothing to do. What you need to do is undo. Let the past unravel. Learn to sit still. Leave each other alone. The journey home is for each one to experience in their own light. If you have found yours, sit in it. Do not interfere with the learning of others. If you feel you have advice, taste it yourselves. It was always meant for you.

The Angels will applaud your efforts at non-interference. The mother waits with outstretched arms. In meditation feel her touch. Her scent is the perfume of the rose.

The warmth of her smile symbolizes oneness.

Stayed Tuned

Divine Mother Speaks on Wisdom

It is given to the dark to bring forth the light. It is given to the light to work through the dark. The One of itself cannot split but its calling requires it to project two variations of being, which are recorded as light and dark.

The planetary mind projects and reflects on the appearance of splitting.  It is not split as such but it demonstrates the illusion.  It gives the ego-mind significance in the appearance of opposites, which is nominated as duality.

Meditation / Poem

So close your eyes
I am in your dreams
The lost dreams of yesteryear
The dreams that come and go
That leaves a trail of sadness
A trail of undisguised aloneness
I’d like to capture that back home

See it as just out of reach
In fact it is not
Go into those dreams
The lonely child
I left you, you left me
There is a trail to follow
Pink clouds, blue dewdrops
Purple flames, green archways
So why do I feel so lonely, mummy
Why so lonely

Deep down, deep in that spot there
You have lost your connection
I am calling you home
Listen to the sounds
Roaring in your ears
Pouring into your ears
Oh what sweet embrace it is
That you and I are one
That we are united

Stayed Tuned


In levels of developed understandings the wisdom and energy portrayed are beyond the records of human endeavour. In this present time in human form we as a cosmic team will participate in any number of ventures. No matter how far out or insurmountable a problem area may appear to be, if it is an obstacle to personal growth, planetary or personal, it can be converted into a hurdle. This allows a movement within that is competent with practice to leap all barriers.