Love is All
Go beyond Memory

The Mystery of Life Explained 

 Man marches eternally

 To the timeless beat of drum

 Yet Love is beyond

 The wakened memories

 Connect a self with self

 No longer duality

 The door to home is open 

This website is thus specifically created to offer fresh information for those who wish to understand the past movements of planetary life and the patterned emergence into a New Day.

The human species inhabiting Earth are soon to experience a raising of planetary consciousness as the planet and its creatures are enfolded cosmically into the Fifth dimension. Through the process of verbally channelling with those in other dimensional space and time frames we receive ongoing information pertinent to humans from a conglomerate of entity/energies situated within and some beyond the cosmos. Over the most recent period of linear time spanning more than 20 years we have stored thousands of communicated discussions offering advanced information concerning human movement on the planet, particularly in quality understandings of Love energy and Intelligence.

We have presently reached the situation where we are requested to share these compendiums of greater interest and understanding with the people on planet Earth; those wishing to hear the stories that tell of their true human birthright, their association with star people, and their so very near future arrangements of shifting circumstances.

Deeper Vision

An insight that will trigger the inner core of memory. A range of knowing beyond accepted understandings.

Cosmic Characters

Conversations channelled from energies beyond third dimensional levels carrying messages clear of planetary conditioning.


The book content carries material that has never before been disclosed to human eyes. The energy of Love is the foundation for this book.
The Way Out is Through

Latest News

The New Mind

The New Mind

The question facing the global population of planet earth is: Are you prepared for what is to eventuate? The preparation is to come within each person and can be described as an individual process. The world is entering the phase of the Fifth dimension. One of the...

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Planetary Dwellers

Planetary Dwellers

Dear Planetary Dwellers, It is twenty years or more that we first signalled the melting of the polar systems was a precursor to a planetary shift out of the third into the fifth dimension.  The advice we received then came relayed from realms of advanced cosmic...

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Jesu Speaks on Emissaries of Love

Jesu Speaks on Emissaries of Love

We, the suns/sons of the Divine Mother, invite you to let go of past hurts and make preparation to embrace the meaning in LIFE.  In the discovery of true self is the opportunity to recover what was always rightfully ours, yours and mine.  In the claiming of Womanhood...

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