Introduction to Greater Understandings

LOVE Energy is the core of all being


Seeing is not believing and believing does not lead to seeing. Can you read what your teachers have not expressed? What governments are not prepared to release!


The contents of the book carry material that has never before been disclosed to human eyes.


Conversations channelled from energies beyond third dimensional levels carrying messages clear of planetary conditioning.

Cosmic Characters

Entities that are players in the development of the planet shift.


Channelled poems that outline experiences and understanding.


In levels of developed understandings the wisdom and energy portrayed are beyond the records of human endeavour. In this present time in human form we as a cosmic team will participate in any number of ventures. No matter how far out or insurmountable a problem area may appear to be, if it is an obstacle to personal growth, planetary or personal, it can be converted into a hurdle. This allows a movement within that is competent with practice to leap all barriers.