Professed reality as expressed scientifically is situational. Therefore it can be moved on or replaced as circumstances dictate.  If neither shift is suitable then the mind can wander elsewhere and the perceived situations may then alter to suit the occasion.

What is being offered to gullible truth seekers as veritable beliefs to ensure that science is seen as credible is any number of whoopey-do-lies that enable authorised figures to cheat their admiring supplicants of health and wealth.

Stepping back to see a bigger picture will allow the themes of reality to be seen as no more than a series of hand-me-down mindsets, which continue to capture people in frames of ignorance.

When there are no further superiority/inferiority factions then there is no longer separation; thus the end to internal suffering is an understanding of wholeness.

We say it is time to seek within to identify personally with whom humans as a species are; distinct from the collateral damage being constantly fed to people through the abetting media sources.

A response is from our over-viewers is quickly forthcoming in a channelled formation.

WE: Is everybody settled in their localised memories?  The response is yes. Then what about our future memory?  Do you think that memory has to be forthcoming from past events? Then we will tell you that memory also includes the future of pulverising energy.

You may think that you are a tragedian of past events. We will tell you that that is history. What we offer is an advanced level of greater understanding that delivers a life that is worth living.  We are your future.  We have no interest in playing old scenarios of past argument.  You can be part of us in future delivery or you can remain as wasted past utility.

We are about future development.  We offer each of you a developed form of future understanding that decries professed reality. It is available to each of you. What is simply required is that you conform to a greater understanding instead of comprising to planetary reality.

Understand that realisation moves beyond or outside or futurises greater understanding.  Maybe that is a double entendre.  Let us say greater realisation. What is it inside of you that is beyond planetary attitude?

In that realisation you are beyond human platitudes.  We are beyond human interest.  And as such we are competent to deliver to humans a future that insists its association with the Great Mother.  As such, we are content in our deliverance. We love the small children.  A reference to planetary humans. We look forward to their opportunity to embrace the greater understanding.

8 March 2015

WE:  WE, who have no recourse to memory, have no interest in providing planetary ideas that cannot interact with past involvement.  WE have the ability to progress future human development, which is beyond the indulgence of planetary idealism.  What we offer is futuristic involvement in greater levels of understanding.  These areas of future programming are not caught in past ideals that suggest humans have an advantage over life programming.

What has been recorded…what is today still being seen as living progression falls far short of the benefit of fifth dimensional awakening.  So life that has been lived on the planet at this time is what we call half-life. It does not offer the fullness of Love, does not offer the benefit of Beauty, Wisdom, Style and Grace; nor does it offer, let us call it, the scientific understanding of Truth, Unity, and Equality. All or each of these is being held in abeyance because the human system cannot measure up to these vital standards or statistics.

WE, who are beyond human memory, are deliberately now involved on the planet and in the human system of development to make people aware of who they are. But we of course appreciate or realise that what we are prepared to confer is not going to be so easily seen as acceptable. So there are some hard yards to be determined.

People still think their shit does not stink. People still think that the life that they see as acceptable is commendable. But we will show them as we develop our programs and our planning system that their ideas are awry, and their future has to commit with the future planning of what is nominated as the Divine Plan.

That humans are children is for people a hard something to swallow. That something is Love.

Thank you for your attention.