We, the suns/sons of the Divine Mother, invite you to let go of past hurts and make preparation to embrace the meaning in LIFE.  In the discovery of true self is the opportunity to recover what was always rightfully ours, yours and mine.  In the claiming of Womanhood humanity comes full circle, back to where people first began.  In the process of recovery the cosmic heritage and purposeful future can now be revealed. 

This is no dream we place on offer, neither is it reality as interpreted in planetary terms.  It is the completion of a portion of a cosmic play, built for cosmic purposes, which were set in motion eons ago.  Now the inspired fruits of Womanhood, with all the glorious aspects of divine fulfilment, stand capable and ready to accept its destined role.  Symbolically, Divine Womanhood will stand and display the markings of the birthing Rose, representative of Love energy.