Light from Darkness

Seeing is not BELIEVING and
BELIEVING does not lead to seeing

The Story of Lucifer

Indomitable Spirit, Lucifer, dressed as man

How wide is the measure of your wing span

Do tell us of your image; how it has grown

Since you ascended to the worldly throne

What has become of the natural mien to be

When first you crossed the deep blue sea

What of your plumage, do colours prevail

Now you have entered into this sorry tale

Give out with the stories, tell us your plan

Invite down our destinies as only you can

We wait in suspense, Shade, dressed as man.

Stayed Tuned


In levels of developed understandings the wisdom and energy portrayed are beyond the records of human endeavour. In this present time in human form we as a cosmic team will participate in any number of ventures. No matter how far out or insurmountable a problem area may appear to be, if it is an obstacle to personal growth, planetary or personal, it can be converted into a hurdle. This allows a movement within that is competent with practice to leap all barriers.