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The Promise

To every man and woman

We all may see our rose

There in our secret garden

Of heart, the flower grows

None can withhold the dawn

Of nature’s sweet desire

The blushing rose is to be born

Blood red as sunset fire



Stayed Tuned

On Meeting Strangers

People seek pearls and do not know how to dive

They crave diamonds and are not prepared to dig

They carry stones and cannot let go of the burden

They run around when sitting still is appropriate

Truth cannot be found for it was never lost

What do they seek, these walkers on a path

Some image, a memory, other times, other places

Empty spaces in need of constant filling

Illusion grows any flower to confuse the seekers

Meditate on the rose, the emblem of the family

Many will deny the family and in so doing

Deny the worth of self within

The family does not deny them

Only they can do that

The Mother waits with open arms

To welcome us home

Her voice is calling

Her face is in your dreams

Home is not a dream

The dream is what is presently half-lived

And taken on as real

If these words seem strange

It is because of division

A lack, a void, a need

Maintaining a dualistic separation

Between this self and our very own stranger


Stayed Tuned

Divine Mother’s Meditation

So close your eyes

I am in your dreams

The lost dreams of yesteryear

The dreams that come and go

That leave a trail of sadness

A trail of undisguised aloneness

I’d like to capture that back home


See it as just out of reach

In fact it is not

Go into those dreams

The lonely child

I left you, you left me

There is a trail to follow

Pink clouds, blue dewdrops

Purple flames, green archways

So why do I feel so lonely, mummy

Why so lonely


Deep down, deep in that spot there

You have lost your connection

I am calling you home

Listen to the sounds

Roaring in your ears

Pouring into your ears

Oh what sweet embrace it is

That you and I are one

That we are united

Many books have I read

Many books have I read

Many paths I’ve been led

To seek the eternal truth

And I’ve heard people say

This or that is the way

Secure in their illusion of proof

They told me of a god

Who gave the devil a prod

Working to enact humility

Some spoke of the lame

Who they seemed to blame

For losing sight of eternity

Each one as they prayed

Lay on a bed they had made

Of faults and fears from belief

They were caught in their pride

No matter how hard they tried

Lies only offered temporary relief

When my footsteps had turned

The one thing I had learned

That nothing existed above

Nor below for that matter

And inane religious chatter

Diminished the feeling of love

Though love is around

It’s not so easily found

Where should one start to begin

It is really quite unfair

When Love’s not out there

The search has to start within


Stayed Tuned

Channels of Energy

The child takes

Its first faltering step

The poet makes

The first hesitant line

The artist sweeps

An unfamiliar brush

Across an empty canvas

Each draws from hidden forces

Memories, the distant dream

Then like the swell

Of surging sources

Channelled into single stream

Life energy flows through

Stronger and stronger

The child runs in play

The writer’s hand

Is cramped no longer

The potter sets

Each thought in clay

When Life moves beyond demand

Welcome in the New Day brand

Where Love will take its stand

When we take the Mother’s hand


Stayed Tuned


In levels of developed understandings the wisdom and energy portrayed are beyond the records of human endeavour. In this present time in human form we as a cosmic team will participate in any number of ventures. No matter how far out or insurmountable a problem area may appear to be, if it is an obstacle to personal growth, planetary or personal, it can be converted into a hurdle. This allows a movement within that is competent with practice to leap all barriers.