The Bringer of Human Determination

the christos light – the dance of the infinite

The Energy of Jesu

Jesu carries the energy of Christos from beyond the Cosmos.  This place, which is no space, we call the Life.  So Jesus walks with the energy of Life, sharing the understanding of Life with those people who are prepared to sit still and listen.  Who can afford to sit still in the frames of western society?  The bigger the city, the faster the pace.  Who can take time out to listen?  The hand-me-down beliefs people have taken on as real have blocked their ears.

When we speak of Jesu we are speaking of the divine energy that the Nazarene boy known by the name of Jeshua carried.  How can a simple story set in what is termed a humble beginning carry such magnificence?  Jesu is a familiar name to us and so it suits us to use it.  Those who say Jesus was a man who was a great teacher and no more come from the denial of their unawakened inner self.

They lack, on the human level, or third dimensional state, the understanding of their own innate magnificence of self.  No matter how spiritual people declare their being their minds remain stagnated at a primary level of isolation.  They have never learned to identify who they are let alone prime the internal pumps of their historic wellsprings.

Those who profess Jesus to be a god have abdicated their own responsibilities.  Those who pray for themselves and others will not find Jesus answering their prayers.  They pray to an icon.  They support churches built from religiously structured belief systems that lack in substance.  No foundation.  The living energy that the man, Jesu, carries does not belong in sanctimonious church buildings.  The divine spirit in its present stage of dormancy resides in humans.  Life comes from within and also abounds without.  To find the connection to unite as one is to enter into living the Life.

When people pray to their iconic gods in whatever definition they deny their selves.  Let go of priests and gurus.  Human words do not and cannot convey accuracy of meaning.  Therefore no person can find for you what is yours to locate within yourselves.  There is no set path to guide the seekers.  When you meet your point of connection the energy of Christ consciousness will absorb you.

The divine ray of a blue design placed an egg into the nest of the Cosmos Proper for the Angels to receive and nurture.  The egg when opened contained a family.  The family consisted of father, mother and two sons or suns.  Because this is a divine egg the children are sexless.  So there is no sexual definition or discrimination.  In the cosmos they are seen to be linked as brothers.  The blatant sexuality of males and females are peculiar to planetary areas such as the third dimensional state of planet Earth.

This family was close.  Very unified.  Very secure.  Their work was allied with the Angels and Ancients where harmony was the order of the celestial day.  One moment as we say there was harmony, then in the next there was disorder.  A planet, which had been designated as an area for consideration by one son, went missing.  Like a puppy it had wandered beyond its parameters and was captured in a solar system we call the Universe.

On this planet that is called Earth were many species of minerals, plants, birds, animals, reptiles and one extraordinary experiment entrusted to the initial care of the Ancients called man.

Man was the result of a series of prototypes that quite frankly when landed in the third dimensional atmosphere surrounding Earth could not get off the ground.  They have been cosmically described as crawlers.  They lacked strength in their backbone to get on their feet.  Does this sound like a familiar story amongst human children?

They were waiting for someone, something to give them a lead.  Being leaderless, they were powerless.  Let us say, at this stage, there is no good or bad intent in the telling of this story.  Good and bad is always coming from the perspective of duality and at that early time the functional mind of man had certainly not developed to that level.

Stayed Tuned


In levels of developed understandings the wisdom and energy portrayed are beyond the records of human endeavour. In this present time in human form we as a cosmic team will participate in any number of ventures. No matter how far out or insurmountable a problem area may appear to be, if it is an obstacle to personal growth, planetary or personal, it can be converted into a hurdle. This allows a movement within that is competent with practice to leap all barriers.