“Sounds of the Universe” 

Through adaptive prescient capabilities ‘WE Who Are Beyond Memory’ (WWABM) are able to use monistic vision to encompass cause and effect of past and future cosmic events as one whole scenario. With regard to the patterned arenas due to implode on this planet in the near future WE are competent to overview, review, and preview areas of impending disasters; many of them steadily building in intensity until a catalyst provides the spark for explosive results.

What is worthy of mention is that all institutionalised practices in society are going to be continuously hit with a variety of implosive measures until those who are seen as controllers agree that it is time to progress any number of rearrangements. Many such events will come to be seen as earth shattering, at least for the people on this planet who consider this world they occupy is physically and mentally real.

Who are WE and what is our interest in ringing in future changes so that humans will no longer be plagued with the mindless savagery and brutality of ingested survival tactics.

WE have no interest in saving or securing advantage for people who refuse to consider there are new methods available to steer them out of the oncoming storms into calmer waters. Countries that continue to fly their nationalistic flags proclaiming patriotic freedoms for their singular benefits are welcome to the ongoing enslavement of their souls.

What they disregard in processing superiority is their opportunity to progress new forms of greater understanding deriving from a storehouse of Intelligence available only to those who can empty their plates.