Let us say that we have journeyed here from beyond the sun and what humans are now set to encounter we have already in various ways experienced.

The Angels call us pioneers.  In a sense we could be labelled fear busters who, while positioned on the planet, are meant to rearrange differing patterned programmes of disturbance.  We are conduits, the arms and legs, for greater energies whose work load is administering and developing local areas of the Divine Plan into a new arrangement.

Within all things there is Love energy.  It can be acknowledged as the embrace of all.  Paradox is not a contradiction. At this stage of human rearrangement and future development very few are open to the warming influence of Love.  The sleeping beauty awaits the kiss on the neck that offers new life to female advancement.  Those who feel the invisible kiss of endearment are often reduced to tears.  The tears in turn lower the barriers of avoidance steeped in the falsity of superiority.  We welcome the day when the mental world of human endeavour will be reduced to tears and the various forms of ego struggle will be seen to be vanity laden and removed.

The dream state called reality in the third dimension is ending.  The New Mind is already on offer for those who are prepared to extend their hands.  The night sky is flushed with rays of pink forming early light on the horizon, which can also be denoted as the end of a time.  What will follow is a blending of the softer colours of blue and green with the vibrancies of yellow and red.  Then the New Day, nominated as heralding in the Fifth Dimension, is upon us.