Within each person is a mutated growth of dormant repression.  It is symbolized as a rosebud waiting to bloom as a greeting to the New Day.  This undeveloped rose is presently enclosed in crusty overlays of ego protection that restrict expression.  The protection has been built by pain that has formed from wounded memory.  When the pain is touched it displays fear like the surface of a disturbed swamp exudes miasma.

To release this pain requires an identification of the pressure so in the awakening of the innate self we are required to feel it.  The denials that emanate from the ego self, which carry the surface problems only cause more pain.  When is enough ever going to be enough?

For too long humans have asked others to carry their burdens of pain.  Now is the time when each must acknowledge within their selves their own limitations of not being able to go it alone.  Begin by leaving others alone and realise that from admitting weaknesses within new strengths are born.  Weakness is no more than unused mental muscles that suffer from a lack of drive.  Reference such weak muscles of the mind as those desirous of being exercised.

Wants and needs are like wilful greedy children who demand instant attention.  The unseemly haste for gratification has overridden any requirements of sharing.  The falsity displayed by greed forms into urges that are immature demands by an adolescent ego for an immediate ownership.  When does it want the next plaything?  Now! 

It is an atmospheric overlay pressing on the soul that is destined to decay and fall away.  Each of us in our own way will find the desire, and the innate strength, to lift longing into belonging and return to that place from whence we came.